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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Looking past tomorrow
Wow, what a whirlwind ride it's been! Six months of studying, headaches, late nights, good times, bad times, good grades, bad grades, great professors, crazy administration, visa pictures, tailgates, costume parties, homoskedasticity, shake your faith, birkman, I could go on for days....

It's been crazy indeed, but what was the result? Have we actually learned anything?Have we changed since July?

After being out of school for 6 years, returning to one of the most intensive MBA programs in the country was without a doubt a shocker. I've realized that working in the real world has given me an amazing work ethic. I'm able to study non-stop, and sometimes I actually enjoy it! Having three projects and 2 exams in 1 week will teach anyone how to effectively manage time.

Working in an international environment in a foreign country taught me to adapt to other cultures. Going to school with 100 different people from 13 different countries has taught me patience. I've realized that I can learn so much from others around me. Not only those with outrageous experience, but I learned patience from those who've asked me for help or advice. Everyone is so different, some people have never worked, others have worked for 20 years, some have never left the country, others have already completed 2 tours in Iraq, some only speak english, others speak 6 languages. Occupations range from student to army Major, investment banker to school teacher. I have learned that I'm a lot smarter than I thought, and I have amazing life experience for a soon-to-be-29 year-old.

Have I changed? I've never been one to think, "one day, that will be me", simply because I believe that I should be who I want to be TODAY. Over the past 6 months, I've realized that I really am the person I want to be. I am 100% dedicated to my work as well as having fun and enjoying the moment. During this whirlwind known as the "IMBA core", I feel like I've helped others realize that there is more to life than work and making the grade.

Now that I don't have an exam, project or quiz to study for, I can finally start planning my life beyond tomorrow. The next step for the Imba first years is language training and internships. After spending Christmas with the family, I'll once again be shipping off to the city of love where I'll attend the ESCP-EAP for language training then try to find an awesome internship.

The adventure continues, and I'll have my remaining 91 classmates to enjoy the the ride with. Good luck to all of you imba's and keep in touch!


  • At 9:05 AM, Blogger Anand said…

    Nanda.. I learnt a lot from you.. the way you organize things.. the way you take life..always smiling.. and your giggle "hee hee hee heee heee" going to miss you a lot for next 8 months.. hope to see you soon...have a great time in Paris.. your home!!! ;-)


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