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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sorry for the delay....

So now that i'm all settled in my little apartment, here are a few pics:

One month into my stay in Paris, I finally received an internship offer! However, the position is in Rwanda, and I'd rather stay in Paris for a while, especially since it's been difficult getting settled in. I have interviews scheduled with other companies, so for the moment I'm not too worried about finding an internship by May.

Last week, the imbas went on a field trip to brussels to visit the European parlement. We had presentations and tours scheduled in the morning then we were free in the afternoon after lunch at an Italian restaurant. RastaRick showed us around the old part of Brussels where we bought chocolates, drank belgian beer and ate waffles. All in all, a good visit.

This weekend, I went to Clermont (again) for a farewell party. I arrived Friday night and had dinner with a couple friends. I spoke more french in Friday night than in the past MONTH since my arrival in this country! My friends agree that I need to find some frenchies to hang with in Paris so that I can speak French. It's really frustrating to be fluent in a language but forget certain words in the middle of a conversation. Saturday night i went to Fred's farewell party and hung out with all my old friends.... until 6am. Today, my head is reminding me that i'm not 20 years old anymore and it takes more than a day to recover from such debauchery. I had a blast, so it was totally worth it!

In other news, all of the imbas have moved out of the residence fondly known as "hell". We all have toilets with a door and our own personal shower! To some, this may be considered a luxury.... however, to others its a necessity. Classes are going ok at the moment. I'm not really learning any french, but the subjects are interesting. Plus I get to correct Josh when he says stuff in French like ''i'm doing my lover" instead of "i'm doing my MBA". :-)

Josh doing a little dance, cleaning up champagne!


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